About Us

About Me

Maintaining customer-focused, pursuing perfect services,

complying with laws, following integrity management and observing occupational ethics

             ---------Our business philosophy


Core values: Employees, Pursuit, Benefits and Culture

Employees: These employees possessing good quality and serious responsibility and closely following the pace of Sunshine are the greatest wealth of Sunshine. Respecting knowledge, valuing individuality, observing collective struggle and not yielding to significantly contributed employees are the requirements for sustainable development of the Company.

Pursuit: Sunshine pursues to realize the greatest desire of customers in the professional market logistics field, strives to reduce costs for customers, constantly improves itself while perpetually exploring and pursuing, strives to build Sunshine into a leading enterprise in modern logistics industry and leads the modern logistics industry to a new direction.

Benefits: Sunshine advocates a win-win situation among customers, employees and the enterprise. It never lets contributors suffer losses, but always gives them corresponding reasonable returns.

Culture: Cultural resources come from the wisdom of all our employees rather than from products of the Company. Sunshine has no resources to rely on, and only relies on collective wisdom to create endless resources.

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