product description

Product introduction

Shipping Place: Shijiazhuang

Destination: Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Product Name: Gypsum board production line

Shipping Date: 2018

Shipping Volume: 2* Automobile +38*40HQ

Project Introduction

Uzbekistan Tashkent JV LLC 'Mas Screw Systems' (MSS for short)

In order to adapt to own development and demands of the Uzbekistan market, the Company decided to introduce the domestic gypsum board production line. After receiving the list of cargoes, we formulated a detailed transport program against the sizes and specifications of different pieces, determined the shipping date and relied on first-phase preparations, eventually ensuring all cargoes to reach the destination safely within 1 month; and meanwhile, the Company installed and commissioned for the customer, put into production as soon as possible and seized the opportunity for the customer to win in the market, thereby receiving unanimous praise.

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