Tashkent LCL
Date:2019-04-16 Views:78

Great news!

The Company has officially opened the Tashkent Railway LCL services, together with delivery + acting customs clearance throughout the territory of Uzbekistan.

We pay equal attention to your each commission !

(1) The quotation does not include acting clearance fee. If you need to pay for customs declaration, please confirm the expenses separately.

(2) Non-liquid general chemical LCL is accepted, and the freight must be confirmed separately.

(3) The cubic meter of bare equipment should be calculated according to the longest size * the widest size * the highest size. The actual volume and weight shall be subject to the inbound order.

(4) The Company provides acting Tashkent customs clearance service + delivery service throughout the territory of Uzbekistan. Please confirm separately if you need.

(5) The packing time is every Saturday, and the frequency of LCL is once a week. The whole-course transport time is about 18 days.

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