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Tiger Valley Ecological Farm Wilderness Day Tour

                                                           [Note: The original first farm in the world]

The Tiger Valley Ecological Farm is located on the east side of Huiyan Highway in the southeast of Henggang, Longgang District, Handan City, Shenzhen. The scenic spot covers an area of 8 square kilometers. The mountain is surrounded by mountains and waters. The mountain is rolling and undulating, and the forest coverage rate is over 90%. The name is actually 'natural oxygen bar'. The Tiger Valley Ecological Farm has deep forests and long valleys. Whenever the mountain wind hits, Lin Tao rolls, like a tiger roaring dragon, every time the heavy rain falls, the rain rushes down the steep gully and swells, such as the tiger screaming, the Tiger Valley Ecological Farm gets its name.

Relying on existing resources, the farm combines natural scenery, field scenery and other geographical conditions to combine natural scenery, leisure and entertainment projects with fashion sports systems, and builds high-quality conditions such as mountain forests, rural architecture, farm leisure and entertainment facilities. Become the original ecological leisure farm where people return to nature and experience the fun of returning to the farmhouse.

The current farm management projects include: agricultural tourism, leisure tourism, business development training, firewood DIY picnic, BBQ barbecue, outdoor bowling experience, farm KTV, water small boating, leisure fishing, parent-child muddy, DIY hand workshop, rapid zip line Mongolian archery, billiards, table tennis, badminton, chess and mahjong, football, hoops, tug-of-war, etc.

Itinerary features (farm entertainment + picnic / barbecue selection):

★ Keep away from the noisy city, through the virgin forest, breathe negative oxygen ions, and enjoy the ultra-infinite natural oxygen bar SPA;

★ Climb the highest peak of the Park Mountain Scenic Area---the peak of the Egongong (619 meters), and climb the scenic spot of the Tiger Valley Ecological Farm - as beautiful as the Eastern OCT;

★ Farmhouse firewood picnic / BBQ barbecue activities, experience 'self-made, full of food and clothing' and enjoy delicious food.

★ Farming, mountain, water, leisure, adventure, close to nature, relaxation experience, enjoy healthy and pure nature in one farmhouse;



At 8:30, the horn of the collection was blown up and set off at the company's downstairs (showing the gate of Block C).

Arrived at Shenzhen Tiger Valley Ecological Farm at 9:30.

10:00-11:00 go to the vegetable field to pick the farmhouse food and breathe the fresh air in the wild. (Let you taste the fresh vegetables picked by hand in the farmhouse, 10 people give two pounds; if there is no green vegetables picking in the farmland, you will get 2 pounds of green vegetables.)


11:00-13: 11:00-13:00

Wild picnics (more and more tourists like outdoor sports, pay more attention to group cooperation, hands-on fun. The mountain is specially prepared for visitors to do their own hands, outdoor wild kitchen utensils). Let the tourists work together and taste the delicious firewood meals they have cooked by themselves. Show your skills in front of colleagues and friends.


The true confession of the wild donkey: The wild donkey is a more meaningful group activity. Because the wilderness activity emphasizes the unity and cooperation between the groups, it requires the coordination of the individual and the team, and the hard work of the individual hands-on ability. Therefore, the picnic is a kind of activity. Play, it is a team spirit training activity! The people who go out to the wild, the meaning is not only in the taste, but in the leisure and wild interest. The chicken legs are delicious, the mountain flowers are fragrant and the water is splendid, and the thought is slippery fish. It swims in the fresh and tender green, and the beautiful people are like the flowers in full bloom. I am afraid that this is the real color and flavor, and the taste of the world is just the same.


Wild oysters ingredients: chicken, chicken, pork, egg, tomato, tofu, pepper, seasonal vegetables (A, seasonal vegetables B, seaweed, beans, potatoes).

Provide: wok, stir fry, kitchen knife, cutting board, dish bowl, sink, dish and other processing tools.

Also provide the right amount: oil, salt, sauce, ginger, garlic seasoning,


14:00-17:00 Farm Leisure Project (free): Jungle CS field, water boating, bowling, zip line, outdoor KTV, leisure fishing, billiards, table tennis, mahjong, chess, checkers, badminton, woodland hammock, Swing, balance ropeway; can also organize team competitions such as hoops, kicking dice, sandbags, tug-of-war, etc.

(1) CS field battle is an interactive, novel and fashionable shooting game that imitates the two armies. Let us be there, play the cool assault soldiers... three games!

(2) Curved archery 'The generation of Tianjiao Genghis Khan, only know the bow and shoot the big eagle' This classic poem comes from the great Chairman Mao's pen. We can experience the feeling of shooting at the farm's archery field, as if crossing back. To the age of the heroes;

(3) Small boating on the water rowing a boat, pleasant and enjoyable!

(4) Outdoor KTV can play K songs, and enjoy the style with the song friends; (singing and singing to HIGH...)

(5) Billiards, table tennis, mahjong, all kinds of entertainment activities to choose; (a 'gambling' is fast... no time to play)

(6) Leisure fishing to the mountains to dig and wait quietly at the lake to experience the fun of fish hooks. Bring your own fishing rod

(7) High-altitude zip line: relax and let your heart fly. This is a more exciting entertainment project.

(8) Vegetable and melon science education---Let your child know crops and pick them up

(9) Rolling hoop competition, kicking dice competition, sandbags competition, tug-of-war competition; (recalling childhood memories, enjoying children really fun...)


Mountaineering enthusiasts: upstream adventure (please take hiking shoes, sneakers or sandals, wear long pants)

                    The valley is 2.6 kilometers long! The stream is constantly flowing all the year round, and the best upstream period of the valley is one or two weeks after the rain. The peaks on both sides are abrupt and have a dynamic sense of opening and closing. The mountains on both sides of the strait are steep and the plants are dense, and often the tits turn. The whole stream is made of stone, and the stones are stacked and strange. The stream is winding back and forth, and the waterfall forms various pools of water, and the water splashes black. Here the trees are lush, the wildflowers are crowded, and the water is flowing. It is really 'the wild bird sings the valley, the water sings the song'. From the top of the mountain overlooking the most spectacular scenery, let you not miss this trip!

Self-funded projects in the scenic spot: natural spring swimming pool, playground: (ferris ring car, space flying saucer, space walk, crazy mouse, dragon palace, bumper car, self-controlled aircraft, luxury horse, migratory space, moving head flying chair)


End your day at 17:00-18:00 and return to your warm home!

************************ End of the trip ************************** ****



Tiger Valley Ecological Farm, Tips:

1. Fresh vegetables picked by hand.

2, fishing in the farm free of charge, please bring your own fishing rod, fish caught on the fish to take ten yuan a pound.

3, do not arbitrarily fire in the vicinity of the farmhouse or in the mountains; forest areas do not litter the cigarette butts, so as not to cause forest fires.

4. Do not litter waste. It is strictly forbidden to urinate anywhere. Please consciously abide by social morality and maintain environmental sanitation.

5, please consciously take care of your personal belongings, valuables, please keep it safely to prevent theft.

6. Please consciously abide by the tips of the farmhouse; it is strictly forbidden to climb freely, pay attention to safety, poisonous plants, do not climb.

7. Minors and disabled persons must go sightseeing with their guardians. It is strictly forbidden to play alone to avoid accidents.

8. The travel agency can adjust the order of the trip according to the actual situation during the trip.

9. Please read this itinerary carefully.




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