Kazakhstan and China will open a third cross-border railway
Date:2019-04-16 Views:16

Astana, February 8th - According to 7kun.kz news, Kazakhstan and China will open a third cross-border railway line.

The news said that at the government work meeting held recently, the Governor of the East Kazakhstan State, Daniale Akhmetov, said that the feasibility of constructing the third railway line between Kazakhstan and China was being discussed.

According to the report, the construction proposal of the project was proposed by the Chinese side, and the Kazakhstan National Railway Company will participate in the plan.

According to the plan, a new railway line will be built between Kazakhstan and China, starting from Karamay City in China and passing through Tacheng to Ayaguz, Kazakhstan.

According to Daniale Akhmetov, if the project can be implemented smoothly, it can transport nearly 15 million tons of goods through this line without considering the cargo volume at the Horgos port.

At present, there are two cross-border railways between Kazakhstan and China, namely the Dostyk-Alashankou Railway and the Altenkor-Horgos Railway.

It is understood that the Chinese domestic route of the new railway line plan is called “Keta Railway”, and its related construction projects started in 2014, and it is planned to complete construction in 2019.


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