In 2017, the cargo clearance time will be compressed by 1/3.
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The Director of the General Administration of Customs, Yu Guangzhou, said in an interview with reporters that the General Administration of Customs has formulated the 'Measures for Compressing Customs Clearance Time (Trial)' in accordance with the State Council's requirements for streamlining processes to improve efficiency and optimizing business environment. In 2017, the cargo clearance time will be compressed by another 1/3.

Yu Guangzhou said that in 2016, the customs vigorously promoted trade facilitation and promoted the transformation, upgrading and innovation of processing trade. Since September 1st, the approval of processing trade business has been cancelled nationwide. The proportion of non-intrusive inspections of customs will be greatly improved, and the inspection and inspection of imported and exported goods suitable for inspection of machines will be given priority, and paper-free operation will be vigorously promoted. Since July 2015, the customs clearance time for customs clearance has decreased by 31.09%; the customs clearance time has decreased by 13.06%.

In 2016, the national customs focused on “de-capacity” and strengthened the document review, actual supervision and early warning monitoring of the import and export of key commodities such as steel and coal, especially the supervision of imported low-quality coal. Around the 'cost reduction', comprehensively clean up and standardize the import and export link fees, and cancel all administrative fees. In 2015, based on the pilot program for exempting lifting, shifting, warehousing and other inspection costs for foreign trade enterprises that have no problem in inspection, they were promoted to the whole country on April 1 last year, and the cost reduction and efficiency increase were obvious. According to preliminary statistics, last year 1-11 In the month, the cumulative exemption fee was 450 million yuan, benefiting about 160,000 enterprises.

At present, the national customs promotes the reform of “distribution suits”. The “double random, one open” supervision has been fully implemented. As of the end of November 2016, the proportion of “random selection and control” has increased from 55.38% in June 2015 to 93.88%. We will continue to promote decentralization and decentralization, greatly simplify the approval of approval, and comprehensively complete the “one window” for customs administrative examination and approval and online processing. Accelerate the replication and promotion of the innovation of the supervision system of the Pilot Free Trade Zone, organize and promote the 'three mutual' major customs clearance reform, and vigorously promote the reform of the national customs clearance integration. On June 1 last year, the pilot project of national customs clearance reform was launched in Shanghai, and the risk prevention and control center and the tax collection and management center were piloted to realize the “one-time declaration and step-by-step disposal” customs clearance mode.

In addition, since China Customs and Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, the European Union and other customs have implemented AEO mutual recognition, more than 3,000 AEO companies in China have enjoyed customs clearance during customs clearance in the above-mentioned countries or regions. According to preliminary statistics, the customs clearance and customs clearance time have dropped by 30%-50%, effectively reducing the trade costs of enterprises such as ports, insurance and logistics.

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